CAN DO Community Foundation officers 2019

Pictured above are the CAN DO Community Foundation officers for FY 2020. First row, from left: Earl Berger, Vice President; and Gary F. Lamont, President. Second row: Donald M. Pachence, Treasurer; Nancy R. Stasko, Secretary; Chris Stamatopoulos, Assistant Secretary; and W. Kevin O'Donnell, Assistant Treasurer.

Officers FY 2020

Gary F. Lamont, President     

Earl Berger, Vice President

Donald M. Pachence, Treasurer

Nancy R. Stasko, Secretary

W. Kevin O’Donnell, Assistant Treasurer

Chris Stamatopoulos, Assistant Secretary


Board of Directors FY 2020

Matthew B. Bayzick

Earl C. Berger

Melissa Curto

Eugene M. Dougherty

Marybeth Hayden

George R. Hludzik, Esq.

Mark Imbriaco

Gary F. Lamont

Robert Moisey

E. Richard Moore

W. Kevin O’Donnell

Donald M. Pachence

E. Thomas Sandrock

Krista Schneider

John J. Spevak

Chris Stamatopoulos

Nancy Stasko