Ferrwood band shell will be re-dedicated June 4 during special concert from the Hazleton Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra

Fr Joe Pope front 1On Sunday afternoon, June 4th, the Hazleton Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra (HPSO), under the direction of Mr. Bob Lagana, will perform a concert in conjunction with the re-dedication of the newly refurbished and updated band shell at Ferrwood Music Camp in Drums, PA.

Coincidentally, the Hazleton Philharmonic Society, the creation of the late Reverend Joseph J. Ferrara, will celebrate the 70th anniversary of its founding in October of 1953. In that year, “Fr. Joe”, as he was affectionately called, was stationed in Lattimer Mines by the Diocese of Scranton to tend to the spiritual needs of St. Mary’s R.C Church in Lattimer and St. Nazarius R.C. Church in nearby Pardeesville.

Within months after his arrival the new pastor had convened a boy scout troop, a theater guild, a small parish choral group and had begun an instrumental music education program under the auspices of the then Hazle Township School District. The district was comprised of many patch town “Little Yellow Schoolhouses” around the outskirts of the Hazleton city limits. This new music education program was aimed at any students who, at that time, were being bussed to the nearby Oakdale and Jeddo schools in the wake of the closing of the Lattimer and Pardeesville elementary school buildings a year or two earlier.

Former Ferrwood Music Camp student Luke Kanyak performs with Penn State Blue Band at the Rose Bowl

Luke KranyakLuke Kranyak has made us Ferrwood Proud!  Luke, is a graduate of the Hazleton Area School District and as a saxophone student spent many summers at Ferrwood.  His long-term goal of making it to the Penn State Blue Band was realized as an incoming Freshman.  He was certain all of his dreams had come true until his recent performance at The Rose Bowl in California!

Incidentally, after “aging-out” as a camper, Luke continues to volunteer at the camp and hopes to return as a counselor and ultimately instructor.

Luke’s journey is an example of the opportunities offered to the youth of our community . . . be proud!

CAN DO Community Foundation kicks off the 2022 fund drive

CAN DO Community Foundation Vice President and Fund Drive Chairman, Earl C. Berger, announced the start of the 2022 fund drive. Contributions from this campaign will be used toward the preservation efforts at Ferrwood Music Camp and planned upgrades and upkeep to the CAN DO Community Park.

CAN DO Community Foundation announces a matching grant challenge

The Pasco L. Schiavo Fund of the Luzerne Foundation has dedicated $50,000 in matching grants to the CAN DO Community Foundation for the betterment of Ferrwood Music Camp. This means that every dollar a donor gives is doubled to help children in need enjoy, learn and love music.  Please take advantage of this opportunity to truly make a difference for Ferrwood.

CAN DO Community Foundation Holds Annual Meeting

The Foundation’s Board of Directors recently held its annual meeting at the CAN BE Innovation Center in Valmont Industrial Park. The board discussed the progress of its ongoing projects, the recipients of the Edgar L. Dessen Community Service Award and welcomed a new board member.