Fund Drive Chairman Earl C. Berger announced that the CAN DO Community Foundation has surpassed its goal for the 2018 Annual Fund Drive.

In his remarks announcing the conclusion of the drive, Berger expressed his appreciation for the many donors throughout Greater Hazleton that supported the 2018 campaign.

CDCF fund drive Earl Berge“Thanks to the generosity of the Greater Hazleton community, we have once again surpassed our fundraising goal. We are incredibly grateful to each and every donor for their continued support,” Berger said. “The money that is raised helps numerous local non-profit organizations to fund projects that benefit our entire community. The Foundation could not continue our support of those non-profit groups without these generous donors.”

Foundation President Gary F. Lamont said the goal of the fund drives is to increase the Foundation’s endowment so the organization can continue to support community projects.

“Since its inception in 1992, the CAN DO Community Foundation has aided numerous community organizations throughout Greater Hazleton through our mission of conservation, preservation and reclamation. On behalf of the board of directors, thank you.

Projects in various stages of completion include the efforts of the Downtown Hazleton Alliance for Progress to revitalize the downtown including restoration of the former Security Savings building to become the community art center, improving the former Leader Store parcel at the corner of Broad and Laurel Streets into a community park; an effort that will realize a job incubator, “THInC Center – The Hazleton innovation Collaborative” in the former “Bingo building”  being repurposed as the Penn State LaunchBox, initially slated for the wrecking ball. In addition, a project to restore the Greater Hazleton Historical Society façade and participating with the society to study the feasibility of the adjoining residential neighborhood historic district is underway.

Restoration work is ongoing at the Sofia Coxe House in Drifton, the Freeland YMCA, and the Saint Gabriel House located on South Wyoming Street in the city.

Ferrwood Music Camp is a prime beneficiary of donations from the community to undertake the various programs that include the music camp, health fair, camp for the visually impaired and other arts related activities. Nutritious meals and exercise are blended in the camp curriculum expanding the overall positive experience. “Chris Stamtopoulos, a foundation member and volunteer leads the support efforts of the camp with Phil Latella as the lead volunteer music program directo,r make the summer at Ferrwood happen. “But for the support from the community and the efforts of an army of volunteers, this wonderful experience for our youth would not be possible”, Lamont said.

The foundation also has endowed scholarships that are awarded annually to students at the Penn State Hazleton campus.

Since its founding, the CAN DO Community Foundation’s endowment has grown from numerous sources including the donation of real estate, individual and corporate gifts, memorial donations, foundations and investment income.

The Foundation’s mission is to select projects that will benefit from conservation, preservation and reclamation of distressed landscape and historic and other locally significant buildings. “CPR – Breathing New Life into Our Community” is the foundation’s slogan, referring to its mission.   

Berger served as chairman of the annual fund drive for the sixth consecutive year. He was assisted by the following committee chairpersons and committee members: Matthew B. Bayzick, Eugene M. Dougherty, Dr. Anthony Falvello, George R. Hludzik, Mark Imbriaco, Gary F. Lamont, Robert J. Moisey, E. Richard Moore, Kevin O’Donnell, Donald M. Pachence, E. Thomas Sandrock, Krista Schneider, John J. Spevak, Chris Stamatopoulos and Nancy R. Stasko.

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