The CAN DO Community Foundation announced its officers and board members for the FY 2021.

The foundation's officers remain as follows: Gary F. Lamont, President; Earl C. Berger, Vice President; Donald M. Pachence, Treasurer; Nancy R. Stasko, Secretary; W. Kevin O’Donnell, Assistant Treasurer and Chris Stamatopoulos, Assistant Secretary.

Joseph F. Lettiere PortraitJoseph Lettiere is a new CAN DO Community Foundation board member.CAN DO Executive Vice President Joseph Lettiere joins the CAN DO Community Foundation Board of Directors as a new member. Additional board members are: Matthew B. Bayzick, Melissa Curto, Eugene M. Dougherty, Marybeth Hayden, George R. Hludzik, Mark Imbriaco, Robert J. Moisey, E. Richard Moore, E. Thomas Sandrock, Krista Schneider and John J. Spevak.

Since its inception in 1992, the CAN DO Community Foundation has used its mission of conservation, preservation and reclamation to support important projects that involve distressed landscape and historic and other locally significant buildings that benefit the Greater Hazleton community. The foundation’s support of these projects is made possible in part through generous contributions to the annual fund drive.

“CPR – Breathing New Life into Our Community” is the foundation’s slogan, referring to its mission.

The foundation’s endowment has grown from numerous sources including the donation of real estate, individual and corporate gifts, memorial donations, foundations and investment income.

The foundation supports worthwhile community projects that make a difference and improve the Greater Hazleton community. .

For more information on the foundation's accomplishments and activities, please visit our web site at

For further information about the foundation or the annual fund drive, please contact Nancy R. Stasko at (570) 455-1508 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..